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Callum Turcan


I love America and am proud to see us getting closer and closer to energy independence, which is why I cover energy stocks.
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The Mississippi Lime play, among many others, offers high liquid growth potential.

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Shale plays offer plenty of growth and lots of room for innovation and increased efficiency

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This is the time of year blockbuster games are released and some are already breaking new records, but whole new franchises that could be the next big thing are just around the corner.

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Whiting Petroleum's bet on the Bakken is paying off in a big way.

3 Companies Betting Big on LNG Exports

The spread between the price North America buys natural gas and what Japan pays for it is over $12 mmBtu, which opens up room for large returns for natural gas exporters and producers

Less Risk With More Reward

Does Northern Oil and Gas offer the potential for high returns with limited risk?

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The airline industry is trying to change its reputation as a bad industry for investing by employing a few different strategies

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As US oil production increases, midstream companies will benefit.

Can e-cigs Save Big Tobacco?

Electronic cigarette use is on the rise, what impact will it have on the domestic tobacco industry?

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Bakken E&P players are reducing the costs of drilling a well, which is very bullish

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Automakers are posting record profits with 300,000 less workers than before the financial crisis.

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85% of all retail transactions are made with cash or check, but is that about to change?