Alexander MacLennan

Alexander MacLennan


Alexander MacLennan is a Fool contributor covering Industrials, Airlines, and Financial companies. He is always ready for a good growth or turnaround story and tries to find them before the market does.

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The European banking industry looks like a high priced garage sale. Using Commerzbank, Bank of Ireland, and National Bank of Greece as examples, it's worth looking at why so many assets are being sold by major banks.

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Last week hosted two major events concerning Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac that investors should know about.

Opportunity Abounds As Non-European Carriers Move Into European Skies

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Shares of a major French carrier drop 7% as two major pieces of news are released.

Bank of America Just Joined Citigroup in Proving That Banks Are Full of Risks

An accounting error threatens Bank of America's capital return plan and investor confidence, two things Citigroup investors are familiar with.

Will a New Bad Bank Help Barclays Like it Did at Citigroup and Royal Bank of Scotland?

As Barclays moves towards the creation of a bad bank it's important to see Barclays' strategy and how previous bad bank plays at Citigroup and Royal Bank of Scotland Group worked out.

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