Naomi Warmate-Igwe

Naomi Warmate-Igwe


As an experienced and professional finance and economy writer, I find pleasure in analyzing the economy, companies and stocks. I offer value investing ideas with critical looks on the upside and downside of every opportunity. I also like gathering useful information from like-minds.

Recent articles

Points International Has Growth to Spare

Over the past one year, this company’s stock has increased approximately 176% and counting. With its pipeline of potential corporate partners and the fact that it operates in a multi-billion dollar market with little competition indicates that the company will sustain this uptrend in the long term.

Giant Interactive Group Is Cheap and Highly Profitable

This is a highly profitable company with significant upside potential as a result of the projected growth in the online games, mobile games, and webgames market. To further boost its upside is the company’s solid balance sheet, management’s efficient cost control and ability to effectively cater for the product preferences of its users.

A Risky Biotech Stock to Watch?

With ViroPharma currently a target for acquisition rumors, risk-tolerant investors have more to gain in the long term if they turn out to be true.

An Attractive Stock to Buy and Hold in the Long-Term

When a company is able to consistently maintain its existing market share in the industry in which it operates, grow through acquisitions and strategic expansions, and make the most of industry growth without denting its pricing power, there's no reason not to expect increased revenue as the years go by.