Whitney Tilson

Whitney Tilson


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For an investor, being creative and going the extra mile can sometimes lead to big profits.

A Cautious 2005 Outlook

A look at the big picture suggests now is a time to be patient, avoid risk, and wait for better days.

A 2004 Report Card

Longtime Fool contributor Whitney Tilson looks back at his good picks and bad calls in 2004.

The Scuttlebutt Advantage

Sometimes you have to go the extra mile to gain an edge in investing.

Gaining an Investment Edge

Whitney Tilson demonstrates how to beef up your portfolio and beat the market.

The Perfect Business

To determine how good a company is, it helps to consider the characteristics of the perfect business.

Focus Investing

Just as important as the stocks you own is how you manage them.

Blue-Chip Bargains?

Sifting through beaten-down stocks may yield some good investments.

The 80-Cent Dollar Dilemma

Whitney Tilson explains how to protect your portfolio in uncertain times.

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Whitney Tilson explains why the tech sector may be fertile ground for value investors.

The Joy of Cash

Whitney Tilson explains why he's holding a great deal of cash today.

Investors as Pecking Pigeons

Whitney Tilson shares some lessons from his trip to Italy, plus two studies that provide insight into investor irrationality.

Munger Goes Mental

Berkshire Hathaway's Charlie Munger talks economics, chutzpah, and Paul Krugman.