The Fool Community FAQ

How do I change my password?
Do so here: Just type in the new password, confirm it, and you're on your way.

How do I change my e-mail address?
Do so here, but be careful. Once you change your e-mail address, you'll have to re-activate your account. Please read the instructions carefully.

Can I change my Fool member name?
Yes, but we only allow you to do it 3 times a year, all previous aliases will show up on your profile, and you'll lose all of your settings. We don't encourage this. If you really want to, do so here.

Why don't you allow boards for penny stocks?
Penny stocks are typically very illiquid stocks that are easily hyped and manipulated and we don't want to have our boards used as a breeding ground for this sort of activity. We allow the discussion of any stock trading on a domestic stock exchange that has traded over $5 for the past 30 consecutive days.

Where can I find a list of the posting rules? - We have very specific rules in our Terms and Conditions Statement as well as more general guidelines on posting messages. Thanks for adhering to our rules!

Can I view the boards through a news reader?
Not currently. The Motley Fool derives its revenue from online ad sales and it'd be too tough to get advertisers to pay if we offered all of the boards through a news reader.

I see people with TMF in their name. Are they employees?
Yes, everyone you see out on our discussion boards that has the TMF prefix before their name is a Fool employee. Please feel free to drop Fool employees a line if you're lost or confused about stuff on our site. We're here to help.

How can I request a new folder?
Requests for stock folders and general topic folders can be sent here. You can also request an Investment Club folder be opened.

Can I edit my posts?
You cannot edit posts after they have been submitted. You can, however, review your posts before submitting them. After you type out a post, click the "Preview Reply" button first, before you click "Submit." This will allow you to see what you wrote as it will appear to everyone. You can proofread from there.