FREE on August 13: Join Us for Conversations About Color and Money

The Motley Fool's purpose is to make the world smarter, happier, and richer. For more than a quarter century, we've provided financial advice that has helped millions improve their financial situation.

But too often, People of Color are unable to partake in many of the opportunities available for economic enhancement. Due to generations of systemic inequity, this community has faced obstacles that prevent their accumulation of wealth.

The Motley Fool is sponsoring Elevate Influencer: On Color and Money to begin to break that cycle. To share expertise on financial matters to communities that typically have been excluded. To open financial opportunities for all. To help make People of Color smarter, happier, and richer.

We're sponsoring the first day of this virtual event so that this important conversation can be open to everyone. Join us August 13 -- we've already picked up the tab for your registration fee.

Learn more and register here

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Learn more and register here

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Video Transcript

We at The Motley Fool are learning from Sandy and other People of Color in this community about the extent of the entrenched system of economic inequality in our country.

From the tax code to home ownership to access to critical savings vehicles to costlier debt to income and employment disparity, the system is set up to perpetuate a persistent and widening financial gap.

We have an obligation to help dismantle this system that creates opportunities for some and obstacles for others. If we want to break that cycle and close the gap, many others need, as we are, to learn the historical context on issues of race and money and how that has led to our current state of inequality.

That’s why the Fool felt it was imperative to sponsor Elevate Influencer: On Color and Money.

This is a critical conversation that Sandy and her organization are leading. We wanted to ensure that access to this impressive slate of speakers was open and available to more than registered attendees. This is a conversation that everyone should hear.

By doing our small part to elevate this conversation, we hope that wealth disparity will become an ever-growing part of the broader discussion of race. And in turn, we hope that will lead to influencers of color having a larger voice, building their followings, reaching new audiences, and making real and lasting changes in the financial fortunes of People of Color.