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Like beauty, a perk is in the eye of the beholder. One man's "excessive" is another man's "essential." In fact, the definition of "perk" is constantly changing.

So take our quick quiz and test your perk proficiency. Which of the following is a perk? Answers are below.

  1. Employer-issued email address
  2. A PonyLumbar support pillow
  3. Bi-monthly use of handicapped parking
  4. 15% off Parkway Custom Dry Cleaning in Chevy Chase, Md.
  5. Gender-specific bathrooms
  6. Exemption from sexual harassment laws
  7. Condiments (except mustard)
  8. Fire marshal privileges
  9. Employer-subsidized apartment for convalescence and wellness, with live-in "therapist"

Answers: (1) Perk. (2) Perk. (3) Perk. (4) Not a perk unless living near Chevy Chase and/or don't mind driving. (5) Perk. (6) Not a Perk. (7) Perk. (8) Perk. (9) Not a perk.

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