Can anything stop Apple (Nasdaq: AAPL)? In the video below, Erin Corr poses that question to analyst Eric Bleeker, and he says that short of having Godzilla stomp on Apple's Cupertino headquarters, it doesn't look like it. Not anytime soon, anyway. To put Apple's amazing iPad launch into perspective, consider that a lot of analysts were initially expecting maybe 3 million units sold for the entire year. We're now at 3 million in only 80 days, and the momentum isn't stopping. With sales chugging along and new markets still awaiting an iPad launch, it's really not a stretch at all to imagine Apple selling up to 10 million iPads with a strong holiday season.

So, what's the end effect of having all these iPads fly off the shelves? Well, when we look at the whole company, Eric says it's reasonable to approximate that they'll generate about $50 billion to $55 billion in revenue from the end of March to the end of the calendar year. That'd mean that if Apple did manage to blow out all expectations and sell 10 million, iPad would probably still be only about 10% or 11% of the company's revenue.

Compare that to the iPhone, which has higher margins and should contribute a minimum of 30% of Apple's revenue this year. We're seeing another huge iPhone launch right now, and Eric is willing to bet good money that iPhone sales will also surpass expectations in the year ahead. Even with Google (Nasdaq: GOOG) trying to steal Apple's release-day thunder by announcing the eye-catching number of 160,000 new Android phones being activated every day, there's still plenty of room for iPhone growth, especially overseas. AdMob recently approximated that the iPhone has nearly 6 times the international usage of Android phones.

The bottom line: The iPad is bigger than just about anyone thought, but the iPhone is still driving the company forward. Watch the video below to see our full thoughts on Apple's prospects in the coming year.

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