In this clip from the Motley Fool Money radio show, Ron Gross, Jason Moser, and Simon Erickson each pick a stock that has piqued their interest recently.

For Ron, this is shoemaker Crocs (NASDAQ:CROX), which he thinks is starting to show success with its strategic plan. Jason goes somewhat contrarian with natural-gas infrastructure company Clean Energy Fuels (NASDAQ:CLNE), which he believes is getting its act together and is poised to take advantage of a turnaround in the energy cycle. Finally, Simon waxes enthusiastic about a potential takeover play, touchscreen solutions company Synaptics (NASDAQ:SYNA).

A full transcript follows the video.

This podcast was recorded on May 13, 2016.

Chris Hill: Ron Gross, you're up first. What are you looking at?

Ron Gross: Don't hate me. I'm going back to the well on Crocs, CROX. Stock was up 30% in one day earlier this week on a solid but actually not unbelievable earnings report. The reaction was actually to the fact that it looks like the company's strategic plan is actually starting to bear fruit, and we should see improved earnings going forward now that this is starting to take hold. Stock's at $9.50, I think it's worth $17.

Hill: Jason Moser, what are you looking at?

Jason Moser: Sure, I'm looking at Clean Energy Fuels, CLNE. They build the infrastructure out to support natural gas as a fuel for the transportation industry. Of course, extremely difficult energy conditions just pummeled the stock. But they're working on shoring up the balance sheet. And management noted, as long as oil is in the $40 range, the economics for natural gas just aren't as attractive. I think it's a matter of when, not if, we see that turn in the cycle. As oil prices rise, natural gas becomes more attractive. And I think Clean Energy Fuels sees better days ahead. 

Hill: Simon Erickson, what are you looking at this week?

Simon Erickson: Chris, I have Synaptics. SYNA is the ticker for the company. They're a maker of touchscreen solutions. You're familiar with Samsung's finger swipe to unlock your phone, but they're also getting into fingerprint identification, so you don't have to remember all of your passwords online for transactions. There's a rumor that the company is about to get acquired for more than $100 per share. Also missed on earnings, and the stock is back down to $66. I really like the risk-reward trade-off for that one right now.