What happened

Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) surprisingly revealed details of its new iPhone 7 on Twitter before the new device was actually unveiled during the company's event Wednesday morning. Features of the new phone were revealed in two separate tweets, though I was only able to capture a screenshot of one, as both tweets were quickly deleted.

Here is a photo of the iPhone 7 from one tweet, confirming the rumored new black color.

Apple's new iPhone 7. Image source: Apple on Twitter.

The two tweets read:

  • "The new water-resistant iPhone. Learn more at apple.co/iPhone 7"
  • "New cameras. Water-resistant. Stereo speakers. Longer battery life. This is 7. Learn more. Apple.co/iPhone7"

The first tweet, which I wasn't able to capture a screenshot of, showed a video of an iPhone 7 being splashed by water.

Does it matter?

These two tweets confirm three sought-out features for the iPhone 7: improved water resistance, longer battery life, and better speakers. With iPhone accounting for well over half of the company's revenue, this early peek at Apple's iPhone 7 previews a promising value proposition for the new flagship iPhone.

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