Today more than ever, it’s tough to keep our information up to date with every service and tool we use – despite signing up for many of these tools with the goal of making our lives easier.

And with new bank and credit card technology allowing for chips, rewards programs, apps, and other features, people are switching up their payment methods all the time – and it can be frustrating keep on top of all the changes.

Here at The Motley Fool, we often hear from our members that they’re frustrated with losing access to our premium services, and thus losing access to the key way they get new investing ideas – where even just a small interruption in the regular flow of stock guidance can take the wheels off a portfolio that’s headed toward market-beating returns.

So, in response to this call for a more convenient way to make sure our members can keep their Motley Fool services uninterrupted, we’ve revisited our Terms and Conditions with help from our member service and business operations heads.

In the past, we would automatically renew members into a subscription that was the same term, at whatever the current price was. This meant that for many of our members with longer terms, service would be interrupted due to a billing failure related to an inactive credit card on file.

In an attempt to fix this, we are moving to a system where we bill most subscribers annually instead of renewing them for multi-year terms. Rest assured, we will always let you know at least 30 days before you renew that your subscription is up for renewal, how much we will charge you, and for what term.

We know many of our members initially join for longer terms (we are long-term investors, after all), and we will continue to offer introductory discounts for longer time frames. Certain services may offer early renewal promotions to multi-year terms as well.

We hope these changes make it easier than ever to continue the Foolish services you trust to help you invest – better.

Our updated Terms and Conditions are now in effect. You can read the full details here.

If you have any questions about these changes, please contact us at