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More than 23 years into The Motley Fool's mission of helping individual investors outperform Wall Street, our business has become one that's almost fully online. Our flagship service, Motley Fool Stock Advisor, gives members instant access to hundreds of stock ideas and investing research, plus the tools we think help members invest Foolishly – with a long-term and business-focused viewpoint. Our track record, our stock picks, and our analyst research constitute our company's bread-and-butter intellectual property.

For our members, instant access to our vast IP comes with what we believe is a very generous refund policy, particularly in an industry that doesn't always reward transparency and openness. Upon purchasing a renewing subscription with us, members are given the ability to test-drive that subscription for at least 30 days – giving them a full month to kick the tires on their new product and decide for themselves whether our stock picks and guidance are worth the price paid. And for a few of our offers, that trial period can be longer – sometimes up to a full year.

The Motley Fool's generous 30-day full-membership-fee-back refund policy isn't changing; what we will be changing is how we handle new members who decide our services aren't for them after those 30 days. In an attempt to give our intellectual property fair protection, we've revised how we prorate refunds. Instead of a prorated cash refund for the remainder of a new member's term, they'll be offered a credit for another service, or they can simply ride out their membership (we won't renew them).

If you are a current member, your existing subscription will continue to offer you the ability to get a prorated refund. If you buy a new subscription, or renew your existing subscription, you'll fall under our updated policy: a full refund for up to 30 days (or longer, if specified), after which time you'll be eligible for credit to another Motley Fool product.

We're laser-focused on helping our members achieve outperformance, and we stand behind our investing process and philosophy. Transparency in stock performance has always been critically important to us, and we're getting better at tracking our analysts' output at a fast pace. We hope these changes give you confidence that we're putting high value on our stock guidance, while still offering what we think is the most member-friendly refund policy you can find in the investment newsletter business. It's all part of our mission to continue to relentlessly improve the Foolish services you trust to help you invest – better.

Our updated Terms and Conditions are now in effect. You can read the full details here.