Why KEMET Corporation Shares Surged Today

Investors are loving this acquisition deal.

Evan Niu
Evan Niu, CFA
Feb 23, 2017 at 1:09PM
Technology and Telecom

What happened

Shares of passive electronic component maker KEMET (NYSE:KEM) have surged today, up by 18% as of 12:15 p.m. EST, after the company announced that it would acquire NEC TOKIN from NEC Corporation.

So what

NEC TOKIN will sell its EMD division and use the proceeds to pay down debt so that NEC can ensure that NEC TOKIN's balance sheet is completely debt free once it is sold to KEMET. KEMET will pay approximately $52.5 million to NEC, plus half of the remaining amount that is in excess of the net cash proceeds from the EMD sale. After paying off what NEC TOKIN owes NEC, which is around $222 million, the remaining proceeds will go to NEC TOKIN and KEMET.

Candlestick chart

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Now what

In a statement, CEO Per Loof said:

We are pleased to bring this acquisition to completion in such a positive manner. It has been a long road with hard work by many of the KEMET and NEC TOKIN employees. We believe that this combination of our technologies and products will position us to return exponential value to our shareholders over the coming fiscal years.

Loof noted that KEMET will have a much stronger balance sheet overall, and combined earnings before interest, taxes, amortization, and depreciation will be much higher. The deal is expected to close on April 10.