It's Answers' third annual Loofie Awards! Alison Southwick and Robert Brokamp are joined in the studio by Matt Argersinger, Aaron Bush, and Tim Hanson to highlight their picks and pans in the investing arena.

Recently, the team polled listeners to find out which episode they had enjoyed the most. In this segment, Robert announces the winner, which featured Morgan Housel and focused on the history of market crashes.

A full transcript follows the video.

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This video was recorded on April 3, 2018.

Alison Southwick: Our next category was chosen by you, the listeners. We asked for your nominees for Best Episode of Motley Fool Answers and the idea came from John from Queens. Here to award the Loofie Best Episode of the Year, Series is Robert Brokamp. <Yay! Woo hoo! Applause.>

Robert Brokamp: Here we go. So, the first nominee is "Judge Bro: Court is in Session" featuring Robert Brokamp and a gentile Southern lawyer, as well as a few other voices. No. 2 is the "Invest Like a Fool" series featuring the Industry Focus folks. No. 3 is the "When to Sell a Stock" series featuring Jason Moser and No. 4 is Morgan Housel joining us for "The History of Market Crashes Series." And the winner with 57% of the vote is Morgan Housel and our series on "The History of Market Crashes." Ended up winning. -- Yay! Woo hoo! Applause. -- Judge Bro had 22% of the vote.

Southwick: Yes! Yes! So, even though the Judge Bro episode was quite divisive among our listeners [I don't expect that you guys heard it], it was borderline offensive to people from different parts of our nation. You don't need to know why. It's fine. Judge Bro was giving Morgan Housel a run for his money there for a while, but in the end Morgan Housel and his series on "The History of Market Crashes" did end up winning. It's funny because we didn't get much feedback on the episodes at the time.

Brokamp: No, we weren't quite sure how well they went over.

Southwick: Yes, we had no idea, but apparently you guys liked it.

Brokamp: They're timeless. If you haven't heard them, go back and give them a listen.

Southwick: They're quite good.

Tim Hanson: What was the best market crash?

Brokamp: Well, we started with the Great Depression and then we moved up from there.

Hanson: That was a good one.

Brokamp: That was a good one. It was, perhaps, the greatest.

Matt Argersinger: A good place to start. You didn't go back to the tulips? Or basically 20th century on?

Brokamp: It was pretty much the 20th century.

Hanson: A brief modern history.

Southwick: A brief modern history of the market. It was very U.S. centric.

Hanson: Just like Morgan.

Brokamp: Yeah.

Argersinger: The Nikkei had a kind of a crash, too.

Brokamp: And it's still down like 70% from its 1989 peak.

Argersinger: Inflation adjusted, it's like the worst ever.

Brokamp: Yes, that's true.

Southwick: So, joining us for our next series on market crashes is going to be Matt Argersinger...

Argersinger: Global crises.

Hanson: Asian Contagion.

Argersinger: Yes.

Hanson: There are lots of places to go to play that.

Argersinger: West Indies? What was the one with the ships?

Brokamp: The South Sea.

Argersinger: The South Sea one. The South Sea bubble.

Southwick: I'm not joking. I will rope you in if you don't do this series.

Argersinger: No, come on! Someone else knows a lot more about those.

Southwick: No, no, no, no, no.

Hanson: Top 10 obscure market crashes.