It's Answers' third annual Loofie Awards! Alison Southwick and Robert Brokamp are joined in the studio by Matt Argersinger, Aaron Bush, and Tim Hanson to highlight their picks and pans in the investing arena.

The Motley Fool makes many stock recommendations over the course of a year. In this segment, Tim reveals which contributed the most to the total return of our analysts' database.

A full transcript follows the video.

This video was recorded on April 3, 2018.

Alison Southwick: Every year The Motley Fool makes, I don't know, hundreds of stock recommendations? Thousands? Millions? I have a feeling Tim Hanson knows roughly how many.

Tim Hanson: I've even lost track.

Southwick: We make a lot of stock recommendations for our members around the globe. Some work out -- some maybe don't -- but some really work out. So, joining us to award the Loofie for Foolish Stock of the Year is Tim Hanson. -- Yay! Woo hoo! Applause.

Hanson: Thank you. Yes. Happy to be here to do this. This is a purely quantitative award. Just added up some numbers. The nominees are all well-known Foolish stocks: Apple, Amazon, and Netflix. And what we did is we looked at the database where we keep all our analyst opinions and we just tried to add up which stock contributed the most to the total return of that database over the past year. In order for it to contribute, you had to have a lot of people who had a rating on it, a lot of people who had big ratings on it, and then obviously the stock had to go up quite a bit.

And what's impressive about this is not who the winner is, but by how much the winner won. The winner was Amazon, which added 52% of performance return to our database over the past year. Second place was Netflix at 34%, and the distant third was Apple at 11%. It's just a massive, widely owned winner and congratulations to everybody who owns it.

Southwick: Yeah! Right. Everyone!

Matt Argersinger: I'm loving it.

Southwick: Yes, let's all applaud ourselves. Do we all own Amazon in this room?

Aaron Bush: Yes, I do.

Robert Brokamp: I own shares in The Motley Fool which owns Amazon.

Southwick: Womp womp. But that's a good way to look on the bright side there, Pollyanna.

Brokamp: There you go! Thank you! Thank you very much!