In this week's Rule Breaker Investing podcast, Motley Fool co-founders David and Tom Gardner and producer Mac Greer are mining the radio vault and revisiting some clips from their old radio shows.

In this segment, they play a lively clip of Ben Stein, the lawyer, actor, and political commentator.

A full transcript follows the video.

This video was recorded on April 11, 2018.

David Gardner: Mac, what do you have for us next? In fact, how many more do we have, here?

Mac Greer: Three more clips. Another company that... Well, it didn't turn out too well. Planet Hollywood. And we had Ben Stein on the show several times...

D. Gardner: Oh, yeah!

Greer: Star of Ferris Bueller's.

D. Gardner: And Win Ben Stein's Money.

Greer: Exactly. And we asked Ben Stein about Planet Hollywood.


D. Gardner: Ben, where were you with Planet Hollywood? Were you part of the Van Damme, Sly Stallone team?

Ben Stein: No, Planet Hollywood is the exact opposite. Planet Hollywood was not a solvent, well-run company. Hard Rock Cafe was run by Peter Morton, who's one of the geniuses of hospitality in this country. He now owns the Hard Rock Casino. "Quiet, you fool! I'm on the phone!" That's my assistant. She's having a... I'm being interviewed on the phone by some very important people, you fool. This is my assistant and that's interesting that she walked in at this moment, because her husband is a big stock market plunger and he got me to put a whole bunch of money [women screaming in the background] into a lot of high-tech funds where I lost an astonishing amount of money. I lost an astonishing amount of money this spring.


D. Gardner: That is just too great. It's not sometimes the interview itself. It's the stuff that happens around the interview.

Greer: Yeah. Always winning.

D. Gardner: Ben Stein. A graduate of Yale Law School. He was the valedictorian of his class, and he also won an Emmy for Win Ben Stein's Money. This is a very accomplished gentleman. Ben, these days, is clocking in at about 73 years old. I'm sure hearty and healthy, I sure hope. He was a fun, return, repeat guest on the Motley Fool Radio Show. I'm thinking maybe Ben's another guy we should have back.

Tom Gardner: He's a Fool!