In this week's Rule Breaker Investing podcast, Motley Fool co-founders David and Tom Gardner and producer Mac Greer are mining the radio vault and revisiting some clips from their old radio shows.

In this segment, they play a clip of Loretta Lynn, the country music legend.

A full transcript follows the video.

This video was recorded on April 11, 2018.

Tom Gardner: What's our next clip?

Mac Greer: Our next clip is one of my favorite interviews that we've done. She was probably one of the first country music superstars...

T. Gardner: One of my favorite interviews...

Greer: ... Loretta Lynn, and we're going to play a clip, here, where we had asked her. You're not going to hear the question, but we'd basically asked her if she could have ever imagined, as a coal miner's daughter growing up poor, if she could ever imagine the success she had.


Loretta Lynn: Well, you know, I was too little to ever think of that. I didn't dream that big. But Daddy had an old Philco radio, and we'd turn it on, on Saturday night and listen to the Grand Ole Opry. It didn't come in great, but it come in good enough that we could hear Ernest Tubb, and every time Ernest Tubb would sing, I would cry. And Mommy would say, "I'll turn it off, Loretta, if you don't quit crying." I don't know why I'd cry when he'd sing, but I did. I really don't know. But later on, when I come to Nashville, that guy at records asked Ernest Tubbs. Said, "I'm going to record you with a female artist. Who do you want to sing with?"

T. Gardner: Wow!

Lynn: And Ernest Tubb said, "You know that little girl singer that just come to town?" And he said, "Yes." And he said, "I want to sing with her."


T. Gardner: One of the great country music couples, Loretta Lynn and Johnny Cash. Just kidding. I love that movie. I thought that was a great movie, Walk the Line. And it was great. No, Loretta Lynn. Also, I remember that she said in that interview...

David Gardner: Coal Miner's Daughter.

T. Gardner: I remember that she said in that interview... We were asking about her investing and what money meant to her in life, and it was something along the lines of like, "If there is a haystack I can lay down in..."

Greer: Yup.

T. Gardner: "If I got a small meal on the table..."

Greer: Warm bed, hot meal.

T. Gardner: "And the people I love are right there, that's all I need."

Greer: That's it. Yeah. She was incredible.

D. Gardner: Easy to book, Mac. Was what it like? You know the metagame. The behind the scenes for so many of these. Just the talent.

T. Gardner: Just how much of the value were you creating? Was this easy?

Greer: I don't remember that one, but I really enjoyed that interview. I think I earned my keep for that one interview.

D. Gardner: But this is all just a reminder of... I'm going to say it again, guys.

T. Gardner: The motley.

D. Gardner: ... a deep vault of audio gold that we will be mining on behalf of our listeners at various points in the coming months and years.

T. Gardner: Who owns the IP? Is that Mac's? The vault? Does Mac own the IP of all our radio? Are there contracts we signed?

D. Gardner: I think that...

Greer: The Motley Fool. We own it. We own it all collectively.

T. Gardner: Just checking. Just checking if Mac had worked something behind the scenes over the years.