Much like last (NASDAQ:AMZN) has just revealed myriad new hardware products at a splashy unveiling event. While some of the gadgets were rumored, Amazon doesn't have quite the same issues with leaks as other tech companies do.

The e-commerce juggernaut showed off a simply staggering number of new products. 

Echo Studio on a shelf

Echo Studio. Image source: Amazon.

Here are all of the new gadgets the company showed off:

  • Third-generation Echo ($100): An updated version of the flagship Echo smart speaker that has better audio quality. 
  • Echo Studio ($200): A high-end smart speaker designed to stream Amazon Music HD. It supports 3D audio and Dolby Atmos, and has five directional speakers and an integrated smart-home hub.
  • Echo Dot With Clock ($60): Imagine the current Echo Dot but with an LED display embedded behind the fabric that can display the time and other information.
  • Echo Glow ($30): A small lamp bulb accessory that can change colors.
Woman wearing Echo Frames

Echo Frames. Image source: Amazon.

  • Echo Show 8 ($130): A third Echo Show with an 8-inch display that joined the 5-inch and 10-inch versions.
  • Echo Flex ($25): A diminutive smart speaker that plugs directly into a wall outlet and primarily serves as an access point for Alexa. There is an optional motion sensor and nightlight attachment that costs $14.
  • Echo Buds ($130): Wireless earbuds that integrate Bose noise-cancellation tech.
Woman wearing Echo Buds on a bus

Echo Buds. Image source: Amazon.

  • Echo Frames ($180): Nondescript black eyeglass frames that have directional microphones and speakers so you can talk to your glasses.
  • Echo Loop ($130): A bulky smart ring with two microphones and a haptic engine so you can talk to your fingers.
  • Third-generation Eero ($99 or $249 for a three-pack): A redesigned Wi-Fi mesh router system that features a dual-band radio and adaptive backhaul. Amazon acquired Eero back in February.
Woman wearing Echo Loop

Echo Loop. Image source: Amazon.

  • Ring Retrofit Alarm Kit ($199): Allows Ring to integrate with third-party alarm systems.
  • Ring Stick Up Cam ($100): A smart security camera designed for outdoor use.
  • Ring Indoor Cam ($60): A smaller camera intended for indoor use.
  • Amazon Smart Oven ($250): To go with your Amazon Smart Microwave.

Note that this is just the new hardware. Amazon unveiled other software features and Alexa capabilities, such as bilingual support and celebrity voices starting with Samuel L. Jackson. The company even detailed a new long-range wireless networking protocol called Amazon Sidewalk.

Expectedly, Amazon is clearly taking shots at key rivals Apple and Alphabet subsidiary Google, undercutting them with aggressive pricing across numerous important product categories, including wireless earbuds, high-end speakers, and smart displays.

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