General Motors Co. (GM -1.73%) will host a web call for investors on Wednesday, March 4, 2020, beginning at 12:30 PM EST. Its "EV Day" presentation aims to detail the company's full electrification strategy. 

In a move designed to show that GM is prepared to enter the fledgling market -- and take on frontrunner Tesla Inc. (TSLA -2.03%) -- it will include information on its EV platform, overall strategy, and battery charging infrastructure plans.

Electric vehicle charging

Image source: Getty Images.

The electric future

To date, GM has announced electric vehicles coming for its Cadillac brand, introduced a 2020 Chevy Bolt with increased battery mileage, and, most recently, a GMC Hummer EV. 

Cadillac will be the first to use the future GM EV platform, and the company has said the brand will be used as the lead model toward an all-electric future for the company. GM expects new models to be introduced at the rate of about one every six months through 2021.

Addressing infrastructure

Since the start of 2019, GM has announced collaborations with some of the nation's leading EV charging networks, aimed to capture customer data and improve the overall EV ownership experience. It has also attempted to provide a good solution to the at-home charging installation experience through a partnership with Qmerit. 

The EV Day presentation will be the first detailed look at the business strategy since the company said it was striving for a "zero emissions future."