Executives from Facebook (META -0.43%), Alphabet's (GOOG -0.02%) (GOOGL -0.09%) Google, Amazon (AMZN 0.23%), Apple (AAPL -1.00%), Microsoft (MSFT -0.32%) and Twitter (TWTR) will meet with the White House on Wednesday to discuss how the industry can respond to the growing novel-coronavirus outbreak. 

With the number of reported cases in the U.S. surging past 1,000, the Trump Administration is increasing its efforts to contain the spread of the virus. A spokesperson from the Office of Science and Technology Policy told Politico representatives from the companies will appear in person or via a teleconference to devise a coordinated response. U.S. Chief Technology Officer Michael Kratsios is expected to head up the meeting. It wasn't clear if officials from the White House or from other government agencies will take part in the meeting. 

Coroanvirus digital image on a stock screen.

Image source: Getty Images.

Since the coronavirus outbreak, technology companies have been taking measures to reduce the impact on operations. Many have limited or banned travel, called off conferences and events, and urged employees to work from home. Alphabet is recommending all of its employees in North America work remotely until April 10 if their roles allow it. It's the first company to ask its entire North American workforce to stay home. 

The meeting is also expected to focus on technology companies' roles in stopping the spread of misinformation on their platforms. Since the outbreak, false information and fake cures have been swirling online. Facebook announced last week it will give the World Health Organization free ad space and work with the agency to disseminate accurate and timely information. Apple is only approving coronavirus apps that come from research and government agencies. Amazon has been working to remove products that falsely claim to cure or prevent the virus and to stop price gouging on its platform.