Converse, which is owned by Nike (NKE -0.36%), is rolling out a reimagined line of sports apparel called SHAPES. The collection is meant to be worn by any gender and fit multiple body types.

A new line for a new world

The SHAPES collection features five articles of clothing that come in four universal sizes. They are made from a half-and-half combination of recycled cotton and new cotton, and the non-traditional sizing is meant to correspond to different body types, instead of genders or regular sizing models.

Jonathan Tappan, vice president of Global Apparel at Converse, said, "By bringing functionality, inclusivity, and comfort to everyday clothes, we believe we can really change the game."

a collage of young-looking peopel wearing black sweatshirts from Nike's SHAPES line.

Image source: Nike.

New launches

SHAPES will launch this summer, followed by two more new collections for Converse that are also meant to support body shapes and movements as opposed to standard sizing models.

The lines conform to the Converse genderless shoe ethic, as the brand's signature Chuck Taylor All Stars only come in one sizing format.

This was reaffirmed in the announcement of a new shoe line called CX, which marries the classic Converse design with new trends and materials.

"We've always been a progressive brand, but as we enter a new decade we see an incredible opportunity to push the boundaries of our own design and product ethos," said Phil Russo, global vice president of design and innovation at Converse. That's showing up in the company's new products.

The new shoe collection has three styles that have the classic Converse appearance backed up by new technology for function and comfort. The shoes will be available in stores on March 19.