During President Donald Trump's live address from the Rose Garden Friday, Walmart (WMT -0.80%) CEO Doug McMillon pledged to make Walmart parking lot space available for part of the fight against the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic. 

President Donald.J. Trump.

Image source: White House.

Speaking about taking steps to "dramatically increase the availability of tests," President Trump announced a partnership between the government and the private sector to meet that goal. To increase the speed and convenience of getting a test, drive-through tests will be made available at selected pharmacies and retailers in "critical locations identified by public health professionals." The drive-through test involves a swab administered without the individual leaving their vehicle.

President Trump also noted that people should only use the test if they have certain symptoms. He said that Google (GOOGL -0.27%) is launching a website which will allow users to determine if they should get a test, and direct them to a nearby test location if they decide to go. The Google website launch is being carried out at exceptional speed to make the resource available to Americans as soon as possible.

McMillan, invited to speak by the president, said Walmart is "eager to do our part to help serve the country." He said that as requested, the company will make areas of its store parking lots available at "select locations," with the number of locations increasing over time, where drive-through swab tests can be administered. He also declared that Walmart would "do everything we can from a supply chain point of view to be of assistance."