Coronavirus has already caused significant job loss, and the numbers will get worse. People have to stay at home, and sports, entertainment, and other public events have been halted. Restaurants have moved to a delivery and pickup-only model.

It's an ugly picture that has and will put a lot of people out of work. Some companies, however, have thrived during the pandemic. Those companies need workers and will provide much-needed jobs for people laid off or furloughed in industries that have ground to a halt.

A Walmart worker.

Walmart plans to add 150,000 more workers. Image source: Walmart.

Which companies are hiring?

Grocery chains and retailers that sell essential items have been stressed out by people stocking up to meet a potential extended stay at home. These companies have to remain open and need workers to help meet extended demand.

Amazon (AMZN -2.56%): An online giant, Amazon has been pushed to its limits by the coronavirus pandemic. It has been out of stock on many essential items but has plans to hire 100,000 workers to help move products through its supply chain.

Dollar General: (DG -0.59%): The discount retailer has a strong presence in markets that may be under-served by bigger chains. It has shared on its website that it "currently has a number of full and part-time positions available across our stores, distribution centers and private fleet network."  

Domino's (DPZ -1.68%): The pizza-delivery chain has built its business to serve people at home. Its stores literally only offer pickup and delivery, which makes it well-suited to serve people during the current crisis. To meet demand, Domino's expects to hire 10,000 people at all levels of the company.

Kroger (KR 1.80%): Grocery stores have been hit hard by excessive demand. Kroger is hiring workers at its stores and distribution centers.

Aldi: The discount grocery chain has been as hard-hit as its rivals. It has not released specific numbers of people it intends to hire, but it does list many open positions on its website.

Costco (COST -0.24%): We've all seen the images of Costco's warehouses with empty shelves and people rushing in looking for toilet paper, food, and other basic supplies. The chain has adjusted hours, made changes to its food court, and now, it's looking to add workers. The warehouse club shows a significant number of open positions on its website and has been hiring to meet increased demand. 

Walmart (WMT 0.46%): The retail giant has massive hiring plans. It wants to add 150,000 workers and has set up a system to be able to interview people and hire them within hours. Walmart had already been adding workers before the current pandemic hit to support its grocery delivery and curbside pickup options.

Dollar Tree (NASDAQ: DLTR): The chain, which operates both Dollar Tree and Family Dollar, plans to add 25,000 full- and part-time workers. These positions will include jobs in its stores and positions at its distribution centers.

What other retailers are hiring?

Basically, every major grocery chain needs people. Most have applications on their websites, and many will respond quickly because demand has been intense. Target (TGT 1.03%) also shows open positions on its website but has not specifically released a plan to make major hires due to the coronavirus pandemic.

It's worth noting that before the crisis, many of these chains had a significant number of openings that they were struggling to fill due to low unemployment. Obviously many more people will be looking for jobs -- at least temporarily -- due to pandemic-related layoffs. These chains will at least help provide a lifeline to some of those affected.