To do its part in helping people manage through staying at home, Nike (NKE -0.36%) announced that it's making programming from its Nike Training Club (NTC) service available free for whoever wants to use it.

"While right now athletes may not be able to play together or before millions of fans, they can unite and stand for something bigger by staying home and playing for the world," the company said in a statement.

A person swings heavy ropes during a workout.

Image source: Getty Images.

Expert workouts straight to your phone

NTC offers expert training workouts including yoga, targeted training, equipment-based exercise, and more. Workouts are between 15 and 60 minutes long and are designed to meet users at all levels of fitness. There's a library of more than 185 sessions that are usually reserved for subscribers and are currently available at no charge. 

People who sign up also get access to full, targeted programs as well as exercise and nutrition tips from a host of Nike athletic experts.

Joining the Nike ecosystem

Besides NTC, Nike has developed an entire ecosystem to support athletes, with training programs, coaching, and other services through its range of digital products including the Nike web site, the Nike app, the Nike Runners Club app, the Nike Training Club app, a podcast, and social media channels.

Gaining and giving back

Nike said that it's inspired by the way athletes continue to challenge themselves under the current trying circumstances. "Optimism and courage are two of the characteristics that define the world of sport," the company said.

The NTC is meant to help athletes maintain optimum physical and mental health while they stay indoors.