Best Buy (NYSE:BBY) has closed its stores to customers, although it continues to offer curbside pickup and delivery of online orders. That has forced some of the company workers to stay home because there's less demand.

The chain has continued paying its employees, however, and recently decided to extend their payments through April 18, the StarTribune reported.

The exterior of a Best Buy.

Best Buy has closed its stores but offers curbside pickup. Image source: Best Buy.

What is Best Buy doing?

Best Buy, even with its stores closed, has seen a coronavirus sales spike. That's due to people needing supplies in order to be able to work at home and people buying electronics to help entertain them during an extended period stuck inside.

With sales not dropping (though it's unclear how long the spike will continue), the retailer has more flexibility than its retail rivals. Workers who volunteer to come in to help with curbside pickup are getting an extra $2.50 per hour while those staying home will continued to be paid. 

"We're constantly thinking about how to best take care of our employees and balance the needs of our business," the company said in a statement. "As we explore all of our options for what comes next, we've committed to paying all of our store and services field employees through April 18."

The future is unknown

Best Buy has been one of the retailers weathering coronavirus well. That makes sense since it likely has sold a lot of bigger-ticket items as people rush to upgrade their laptops, home networks, and entertainment options. That has, so far, allowed the chain to take care of its workforce.

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