Target (TGT 0.59%) has kept its stores open throughout the coronavirus pandemic. The retailer sells groceries and other essential supplies that people need in order to remain at home for an extended period of time.

However, as the pandemic has progressed, Target has repeatedly updated its protocols in an attempt to better keep its employees and customers safe. Now, it's doing so again.

An order is placed in a car at Target.

Target offers pickup at some of its locations. Image source: Target.

What is Target doing to promote safety?

The retailer has decided to actively monitor and, "when needed, meter guest traffic in its nearly 1,900 stores nationwide to promote social distancing," according to a press release. Target also plans to provide its more than 350,000 workers with face masks and gloves.

"These updates are on top of action the company has taken in recent weeks with the health and safety of its guests and team members in mind, such as rigorous cleaning routines at its stores and distribution centers; social distancing measures like floor signage to encourage guests and team members to remain six feet apart; Plexiglass partitions at all registers; and contactless order pickup and home delivery," the company added.

Target, like the other retailers still working to keep America fed and supplied with daily necessities during the coronavirus pandemic, has been adjusting to the new realities as fast as it can. No company had planned for this type of national shutdown, so all responses to it are happening on the fly. That requires them to constantly evaluate procedures and make adjustments as new safety guidelines come out -- and that's what Target is doing.