Hard on the heels of completing a job push that put 150,000 new associates on its payroll, Walmart (NYSE:WMT) put out another call for 50,000 additional workers today. The company is building up its workforce in response to soaring demand caused by the coronavirus outbreak, as people attempt to stock up on staples and other necessities ranging from frozen dinners and canned meat to toilet paper and hand sanitizer.

Walmart's EVP and Chief People Officer Donna Morris describes in the press release how the company received a million applications for the 150,000 job offerings it previously posted. Hiring approximately 5,000 new associates daily, the company filled the open positions in less than a month, finishing six weeks ahead of schedule, according to Morris. The initiative, which began on March 10, expanded Walmart's personnel by about 10%

A man in a surgical mask restocking Walmart shelves.

Image source: Walmart.

While continued strong COVID-19 related demand is at the heart of Walmart's fresh push for 50,000, Morris cites another reason in the press release. The addition of more temporary workers allows existing employees concerned by the pandemic, or in need of a respite, to take some time off without affecting operations.

Approximately 95% of the 50,000 jobs will be either part-time or temporary. The company is looking to fill positions at various points in its supply chain, including regular store work, fulfillment center jobs, and distribution. Hiring is more targeted to specific tasks or roles this time around. For example, drivers for Walmart's truck fleet are being sought, along with pickers and fillers for warehouse work.

Morris adds that many of the new applicants are workers furloughed from the retail, hospitality, and restaurant industries. 

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