Monday, Coca-Cola (KO 0.11%) announced a five-year deal with technology giant Microsoft (MSFT 1.31%). According to terms of the agreement, Coca-Cola will use Microsoft products, such as Azure, Microsoft 365, and Dynamic 365, to simplify and modernize its business processes. 

At a time when many people are working from home, collaboration tools are essential for communication. As part of the deal announced today, Coca Cola will deploy Microsoft 365 and Teams to help its global employee base communicate effectively during these uncertain times. This adds to the strong surge in daily active users Microsoft Teams has experienced this year. 

Digital transformation ecosystem

Image source: Getty Images.

By leveraging Microsoft's technology, Coca-Cola will be able to get a 360-degree customer and business view using Microsoft's suite of products. This will help Coca-Cola improve marketing efforts, predict demand, and provide its sales force with relevant customer information. 

Coca-Cola's Barry Simpson, senior VP and chief information and integrated services officer, states, "This partnership with Microsoft allows us to really step change our employee experience through replacing previously disparate and fragmented systems. These platforms allow us to deliver relevant, personalized experiences as we network our organization."

In short, this strategic partnership will help the beverage giant transform its digital operations and replace legacy systems. The size of this deal was undisclosed.