After earlier discussions with local officials as to whether it is an essential business or not, Tesla (TSLA -1.92%) agreed to suspend production at its Fremont, California plant on March 24, 2020. The company said it planned to resume production on May 3, 2020, when the the local stay-at-home order for the area surrounding the plant is scheduled to be lifted. On Friday, San Francisco Mayor London Breed announced that the health order may be extended. Nevertheless, Tesla has asked some workers to report to work to work this Wednesday, April 29, according to a Bloomberg report. 

Supervisors at the plant have asked dozens of employees in the paint and stamping areas to report to work, said the report. They also asked that employees reply to the request as to whether they plan to report or not. 

auto assembly plant showing car bodies lined up on assembly line

Image source: Getty Images.

After Tesla reduced operations at the plant to the required minimum critical operations on March 24, 2020, it announced hourly worker furloughs and salaried worker pay cuts

The pay adjustments included a 30% cut for Vice Presidents and above, 20% for Directors, and 10% for the remainder of the salaried workforce. At the time, Tesla also said that employees would be able to take a voluntary leave of absence and that those remaining on site to maintain critical operations during the shutdown would be accommodated if they were uncomfortable reporting to work. Prior to suspending operations, Tesla had begun checking the temperature of workers entering the facility and distributing face coverings.