Just a few days after Impossible Foods launched direct-to-customer sales of bulk Impossible Burger packages, the plant-based meat company has found yet another outlet -- this time, the Habit Burger Grill, owned by Yum! Brands (NYSE:YUM). According to a press release this morning, the California-based fast-casual chain is adding a pair of Impossible's plant protein burger creations to its menu.

With 288 restaurants currently in operation, the Habit Burger Grill has previously relied on red-meat offerings such as its flagship Charburger, along with steak sandwiches, ahi tuna, and grilled chicken. While the chain is sourcing its plant-based patties from Impossible Foods, it plans to put its own twist on the final menu items. As Chief Branding Officer Iwona Alter explains in the press release: "We are excited to introduce elevated and classic flavor choices with the Original Impossible Burger and the Impossible Bistro Burgers but done 'The Habit way.' Our culinary team has created unique combinations of flavors to ensure these burgers satisfy all our customers' cravings regardless of their dietary preferences."

An Impossible Burger.

Image source: Impossible Foods.

The Habit Burger Grill has been navigating COVID-19 shutdowns of dine-in services through contact-free drive-through, park and order operations, and curbside pickup. The chain is a very recent acquisition for Yum! Brands, which agreed to purchase its parent company, The Habit Restaurants, Inc., for $375 million in cash back in January 2020.

The new plant-based burgers are available at some Habit Burger Grill locations starting today. Explaining why the company chose to use Impossible Foods' meat substitutes, VP of Strategic Sales Dana Worth said, "The Impossible Burger is the only plant-based burger that doesn't sacrifice on taste, so guests have another delicious way to enjoy their burgers."

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