Walmart (NYSE:WMT) is stepping up as so many other major corporations have during the COVID-19 pandemic. The company isn't producing personal protective equipment or ventilators, though. Instead, it's addressing some of the summertime social gaps that the pandemic has left for many Americans. 

The retailer announced it will be working with Tribeca Enterprises, a Robert De Niro backed media company, to transform 160 of its store parking lots into drive-in movie theaters for 320 total showings across the country this summer. It has also teamed up with celebrities to create Camp by Walmart to, as the company said, "bring summer fun to kids across the country through a new camp designed for the internet." 

cartoon drawing of cars at drive-in theater

Image source: Getty Images.

The family-friendly movie nights will begin in August, and run through October. They will include hit movies along with special appearances by celebrities and filmmakers. Customers will be able to order snacks or supplies online ahead of the showings, and collect orders from curbside pickup. Concessions will also be delivered to vehicles at the showings.

The company said more details will be forthcoming closer to the start of the tour. In July, Tribeca will be offering "a mix of ticketed and free events honoring frontline workers," with drive-in screenings in several locations, with Walmart as a presenting partner.

The online Camp by Walmart will begin July 8, and families can access 50 free activities led by celebrities and experts. Activities will include creativity sessions called Smarts and Crafts; a Skills Camp to teach new skills; and The Great Family Challenge, which Drew Barrymore and LeBron James will lead. 

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