Technology titan IBM (IBM 0.82%) and its Red Hat subsidiary just launched a wide-ranging collaboration with energy services veteran Schlumberger (SLB -0.89%). The companies are building a hybrid cloud system that makes Schlumberger's energy exploration data and analytics available worldwide in an easy-to-manage package.

What's new?

Schlumberger brings its cognitive exploration and production (E&P) platform DELFI to this partnership. Red Hat's OpenShift software container environment will help the energy company deploy this advanced toolkit to partners, clients, resellers, and in-house E&P staff around the world.

Software containers provide a simple and secure way to deliver programs or advanced computing systems in a package that holds a complete virtual computing environment. DELFI's containerized version can be delivered as a public or private cloud-based system, or installed on data center servers according to the specific needs of each user or group of users.

Three red fedoras hanging on wall hooks in a white hallway.

Image source: Red Hat, an IBM company.

Words from the executive suite

"Together, we are enabling seamless access to a hybrid cloud platform in all countries across the globe for deployment in any basin, for any operator," Schlumberger CEO Olivier Le Peuch said in a prepared statement.

"The energy industry is transforming as organizations look for efficient new ways to power their operations, adopt digital technologies to create a competitive advantage, and innovate and integrate workflows to make faster and better decisions," added Red Hat's CEO Paul Cormier. He also applauded Schlumberger's bold vision for digital transformation in the energy sector.

The companies have been testing containerized DELFI deployments for some time now. With this launch, Schlumberger has committed to the exclusive use of Red Hat OpenShift for future installations. There are many other software container solutions on the market today.