Camping World Holdings (NYSE:CWH), which has an unusual dual-dividend, shareholder-payout structure, is lifting one of its distributions. The company announced Thursday that it's lifting its quarterly special dividend; this will now be $0.14 per share, up from the previous $0.08. It has not yet specified when this will be paid.

In the announcement, the company quoted its CEO Marcus Lemonis:

This dividend increase is a reflection of our strong financial and cash position, our performance and the continued confidence in our abilities to generate long-term profitable growth and return capital to our shareholders.

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Although Camping World calls it a "special dividend," this disbursement is actually made on a regular, quarterly basis. The company explains that it is a payment "representing a portion of excess tax distributions from CWGS Enterprises, LLC."

That business is a subsidiary of Camping World, and it distributes both the special and the company's "regular" dividend; combined, the two are referred to as the "cash dividend." The regular component of it is paid concurrently with the special distribution; most recently this amounted to $0.09 per share.

Camping World stock has generally been on a tear from the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic. As a specialist in recreational vehicle (RV) accessories, it is very well positioned to take advantage of the desire for many people to escape the semi-quarantine situations engendered by "stay-in-place" measures. A company update published earlier this week outlined ambitious plans for further growth, giving the stock even more gas.

On Friday, however, Camping World's shares fell by nearly 3%, a steeper decline than that recorded by the S&P 500 index. 

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