This morning, meat-alternative producer Beyond Meat (BYND 1.08%) announced the expansion of Beyond Breakfast Sausage Patties to a greater number of stores throughout the country by the end of September.

Beyond Breakfast Sausage is one of several offerings introduced by Beyond Meat this year. Continuing the company's competitive advantage with a soy-free, GMO-free formula, the meat-free sausage patties serve up their 11 grams of protein per serving thanks to brown rice and peas.

Beyond Breakfast Sausage patties, packaging, and two glasses of orange juice on a white tabletop.

Image source: Beyond Meat.

The expansion will see the breakfast sausage patties for sale at close to 5,000 additional U.S. grocery locations, more than doubling the product line's retail footprint. Chief Growth Officer Chuck Muth said in a statement the rollout answers "enthusiastic and overwhelmingly positive response from consumers who asked for increased availability."

The expansion will target stores including Kroger and its subsidiary Harris Teeter, Target's extra large Super Target stores, Publix, and retail giant Walmart. The news comes a week after Beyond Meat announced the upcoming release of Beyond Meatballs, with an October 2020 grocery store release date and an early preview day in New York City and Los Angeles.

In the race for retail share, Beyond Meat is still ahead of its major rival, Impossible Foods. According to a Sept. 16 press release, Impossible Foods' plant-based meats are on the shelves of 11,000 U.S. outlets, compared to Beyond's American footprint of 26,000 locations.