The economy needs the government to break out the jumper cables again. There's no denying that another round of Economic Impact Payments is in the works, and you probably have a good idea of what you will do with another potential stimulus check. Let's talk about some of the publicly traded companies that will benefit from the infusion. 

Sirius XM Holdings (SIRI 2.50%), Royal Caribbean (RCL 0.14%), and Logitech (LOGI 3.52%) are some of the companies positioned perfectly to be beneficiaries in the next round of stimulus checks. Let's see how they will cash in on the infusion.

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Sirius XM Holdings

There are two big ways Sirius XM Holdings benefits from more money in your pocket. The satellite radio giant has experienced back-to-back quarters of declining total accounts. It's an easy platform to cancel when money's tight and folks aren't driving as much. Another $1,200 infusion -- or any healthy chunk of change -- could get folks behind the wheel again and justifying premium Sirius XM subscriptions.

The other way Sirius XM wins is through a potential pop in car sales. Stimulus checks should be more than enough for a down payment on a lease of fresh wheels, and that's the lifeblood of Sirius XM's new subscriptions. New and used cars with factory-installed satellite receivers come tethered to free trials and a taste of the premium offering can be addicting. 

Royal Caribbean

After months of false starts and desperate cash grabs, it seems as if the cruise industry will really start sailing in November. We can debate on how popular the sailings will be in the new normal. Older cruise buffs will be concerned about contracting COVID-19, and others won't appreciate the distancing restrictions and daily testing requirements that may dilute the experience.

However, just starting to sail again will be a confidence builder for an industry that badly needs a boost. Royal Caribbean should be the biggest beneficiary. Of the three leading cruise lines, Royal Caribbean has historically commanded the highest margins, and it should be the first player to return to profitability. Royal Caribbean also has the highest percentage of passengers on canceled sailings opting for future cruise credit over cash refunds, making it a popular cruise line operator once consumers are confident that the industry is back in business in a few weeks. 


Just a few months ago, folks didn't consider webcams, USB headsets, and gaming mouse controllers to be household essentials. A lot has changed in wake of the pandemic. The remote workforce movement and PC gamers with more time at home find themselves having to upgrade their peripherals, and Logitech is there with all of the gadgetry.

Switzerland-based Logitech is experiencing an increase in sales. Revenue growth has gone six consecutive quarters of single-digit growth to 14% and 25% in the two subsequent reports. Logitech's bottom line is growing even faster in this peripherals renaissance. It bears pointing out that this is a global juggernaut, so it may not experience the same direct impact of a cash infusion for U.S. taxpayers as Sirius XM or Royal Caribbean. However, it's hard to bet against the company behind the industry's first cordless mouse and the brand that has become a household staple in many home and mobile offices. 

Sirius XM, Royal Caribbean, and Logitech are stocks worth considering now. Most consumers will be wondering what to do with their stimulus checks they will be receiving, but smart investors are using the event to consider what to invest in instead of what to spend the infusion on.