NVIDIA (NASDAQ:NVDA) is known for its cutting-edge graphics processing units (GPUs), which are the choice of serious gamers everywhere. While gaming still represents the lion's share of the company's revenue, that paradigm is changing. NVIDIA's future will be driven by high tech.

Asit Sharma: Danny Vena. Yeah, in a minute or two, what are you looking at that's a growth stock, that has caught your fancy or is on your radar screen? Or maybe you own it already.

Danny Vena: One of the stocks that I own already that I'm really intrigued about is NVIDIA. Investors will know that NVIDIA was already one of the biggest stocks for graphics processing units that are used in gaming and are really the first choice for serious gamers. These are the folks that spend big money on their systems, and they are buying NVIDIA's top-end GPUs to put them in their systems.

But over the last few years, the company has really pivoted into its data center segment, which handles data centers, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and it has really become the global standard for those use cases. In fact, if you look at their most recent quarter, the income from their data centers jumped significantly. It was up 167% year over year, while the company's total revenue was up 50%. I think that NVIDIA could really do well from here. The GPUs are going to be used in things like self-driving cars, in high-performance computing, and in all the other use cases. I really like NVIDIA going forward from here simply because there are so many ways that the company can win.

Sharma: Wonderful. Sometimes we see a stock that's had a really big surge and then it plateaus for a while or even dips down. Some investors who are interested in growth, will leave it behind, and it helps to hold that stock. Because to me, NVIDIA had the second life surge, which has been interesting to watch. Thanks for bringing that one, Danny.

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