General Motors (GM -0.55%) might seem like a "legacy" automaker, but don't think for a second that it's going to let all of the new electric vehicle and autonomous driving start-ups have all the fun. GM could have some major growth catalysts over the next decade or so, and if all goes well, investors could be handsomely rewarded. In this Fool Live video clip, recorded on Feb. 8, contributor Matt Frankel, CFP, answers a viewer question on whether General Motors could eventually produce 10-time returns for its investors. 

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Matt Frankel: [laughs] "Can GM 10x from here? I'm not looking for a 10x gain from GM, but curious about what you expect from the GM stock in the next few years." I think they absolutely could 10x from here. [laughs] If Tesla (TSLA -3.54%) is worth $800 billion, GM could 10x from here. But the real answer is, if Cruise can build itself into a dominant player in vehicle automation and automated ride sharing, that's going to be a big one in the future. If they could do that, if GM, which is planning to go all-electric within a few years, eventually they're going to go all-electric. If they can bring the success they have and the brand loyalty they have with some of their big high-profit gasoline vehicles to electric vehicles, and if they can capitalize on their defense contract opportunity, which I mentioned in the show a while back. GM says they have a $25 billion revenue opportunity in just defense spending, producing EVs for the military and things like that. So if they can do all three of those things, I absolutely believe they can 10x. Remember, GM's a pretty small company relative to a Tesla or some of these mega-caps.

Jason Moser: Yeah.

Frankel: The tech portion of GM is being discounted, I think. Cruise is a tech innovator and I think that's really being overlooked. So, to answer your question, they could 10x. I don't think it will happen overnight, but I could definitely see if things go well within the next decade, the stock being worth 10 times what it is now.