Holders of certain Mastercard (MA -1.19%) products now have access to a fresh set of perks. The company announced that, starting Thursday, these extras would be available to those who possess credit cards from its World and World Elite tiers (in increasing order of perk set, the three Mastercard tiers are Standard, World, and World Elite).

Qualifying cardholders can now get a free three-month membership in DashPass if they are newcomers to DoorDash's (DASH -0.61%) subscription program. The meal delivery service is also providing a $5 discount on the first two orders each month paid with a World or World Elite Mastercard.

For those who favor DIY food preparation, upper-tier cardholders will receive 5% back on all orders from HelloFresh. These givebacks can be used for future orders through the service.

A woman with a phone in one hand and payment card in another.

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Lyft (LYFT -3.47%), meanwhile, is providing a $5 credit for every three rides taken in one of its vehicles within a calendar month. The credit is to be automatically applied toward the next ride; the limit is one per month.

Other providers of these extras include movie theater ticket booking service Fandango and store delivery specialist ShopRunner. 

Mastercard added that it is expanding its "Priceless Experiences" suite of discount and exclusive offerings, which cover such participatory activities as concerts and yoga classes. It provided almost no detail, however. 

These new offerings will "help ensure cardholders are advantaged with savings at home or on the go when frequenting these online service providers," the company wrote in the press release trumpeting the rollout.

The perks probably won't tip the scales much on a consumer's decision on whether to go with a higher-end Mastercard or a benefit-rich rival such as the more exclusive American Express credit cards. Still, it's encouraging that the company is adding attractive come-ons for its cardholders.