Picking a top stock out of a list of solid companies can be a hard task, but on a Motley Fool Live episode recorded on March 17, Fool contributors Brian Feroldi, Brian Stoffel, and Brian Withers choose their favorites from a dandy dozen of popular recommendations. Find out why their choices could be market-beating performers for your portfolio in the coming decade.

Brian Stoffel: We did 12 stocks and we've got a question here saying, "If you had to choose just one, you had a lump sum of money that you can put it in." Let's just say that it's not too much of your portfolio right now. Hypothetically, you've got a 100 stocks in your portfolio and you've got a lump sum to put in one of these 12. Now, just review real quick, it's CrowdStrike (NASDAQ:CRWD), Stitch Fix, Tesla, Amazon, Nvidia, Facebook, Wix, Netflix, Zynga, Okta, Slack, or IDEXX. Which would you pick? I can start us off.

I would say CrowdStrike. For me, when I run these companies through the anti-fragile framework, CrowdStrike is very high, so is Amazon. But Amazon is also a couple of trillion dollars and Amazon is also going against their mission statement with their advertising business, which I just can't stand when I go on their platform. The first five things that come up are there because they're sponsored. That's just not customer-friendly, so I'll pick CrowdStrike.

Brian Feroldi: Four of my biggest holdings are Tesla, Amazon, Facebook, Netflix. But despite that, I'm also [laughs] going to pick CrowdStrike because it's one of those only stocks that I bought last week. Yeah, those four companies have already won. I think they're going to continue to produce just fine returns over time, but CrowdStrike, I think it's going to be a lot bigger in 10 years.

Brian Stoffel: Brian Withers.

Brian Withers: I'm going to buck the trend here. I'm going to go with Okta. It's an incredibly sticky business model and they're expanding their services. This Auth0 purchase just gets them into more customers, more geographies [and] will enable them to enhance their platform even better. They were the leader in identity management before and this is going to solidify that.

But if you want to take a little risk, I would throw a little money into Stitch Fix. I wouldn't be surprised that one's a 10-bagger in 10 years.

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