What happened

After what has become an increasingly rare down day for AMC Entertainment (AMC 1.33%) stock yesterday, Thursday's session saw a rebound in the popular meme stock. After dropping 6.5% Wednesday, AMC shares popped 10% in today's session, marking the stock's second-highest closing price ever.

So what

Yesterday was the start of shareholder voting for the company's latest attempt to take advantage of its newly found popularity on Reddit online forums. CEO Adam Aron took to social media recently, asking retail investors in the stock to approve another 25 million shares to be available for sale. Voting began yesterday leading up to the company's shareholder meeting on July 29, 2021. 

Stock traders cheering in front of monitors showing charts.

Image source: Getty Images.

Now what

With the rise in popularity, and the sale of stock by its former owner and largest shareholder, AMC is now more than 80% owned by retail investors, according to the company. As shares have soared by an amazing 2,800% year to date, the company has been raising capital by issuing new shares. It has raised $1.25 billion in just the last month and a half. And Aron wants another 25 million shares available. He has said the company plans to use its additional capital to acquire new properties, pay down debt, and modernize its theaters. 

But the capital has come at a cost to existing shareholders in the form of dilution. The number of shares outstanding has grown by about 400% in the last year, and the additional shares, if approved and sold, would only continue that dilution. 

The good news is that its balance sheet is in much better shape, and the company's credit rating was upgraded last week. The new dynamic created by the improved balance sheet could, in fact, change the future of AMC's business. The story isn't over, though, and this will continue to be a bumpy ride for shareholders.