Summer 2021 is shaping up to be a booming time in the U.S., especially when it comes to getting out and doing things. In this Fool Live video clip, recorded on June 14, contributors Toby Bordelon and Brian Withers discuss why Yeti (NYSE:YETI) could be one of the biggest winners as the nation gets back to normal. 

Toby Bordelon: Yeah, so it's summertime. We've got Americans have money to burn and we are generally bad at saving. This could be a big one, this could be a big summer. Let's kick it off, guys. Ready to get started?

Brian Withers: I think we're interested in getting out of the house.

Bordelon: We are, I think we are.

Withers: Your first stock plays into that.

Bordelon: It does. Let's kick it off. Let's drive right into this. The company I want to look at first. My first one here is Yeti holdings, ticker Y-E-T-I and I'm going to do a screen share real quick on, this is their website. I'm sure many of you are familiar with this company. If you are not, this is a selection of the products they offer. This is a young company. It was founded in 2006. The original goal was to build a great cooler, examples of what you see as a white thing at the top there. A great cooler that can take abuse and would last. They IPOed in October of 2018, they were originally supposed to IPO earlier that year. There was a little bit of a delay. They didn't get to it till later in that year. But they are a public company now. Market cap about eight billion. P/E is about 40 last time I check, so it's a little bit expensive. These guys, they started their first product was their roller cooler you see there, that big thick wall, kind of classic foam thing there. That's what they're famous for. They have since expanded to drinkware, to gear storage. It's like that tan box there, the bucket you see over there. They've got chairs, they've got bags. Then a good thing, let me show you here, their most recent innovation, they're getting into luggage. This is a break for them, is the change, like if you think about Yeti, you think of a company focused on stuff for camping, for outdoors, for fishing, for hunting. Luggage. Got a nice picture plan there, luggage when you travel, not necessarily on a road trip, not necessarily a camping trip. They're taking their brand and they're breaking it out a little bit. They're going beyond their typical market. I think that's really good. Revenue growth was great in the last quarter, it was over 40%. They're doing that work keeping costs down. Net income almost quadrupled. Really solid, really solid recently. I think I can keep going with this, the key phrase from their website, that they have various. Our brand promise is to ensure each Yeti product delivers exceptional performance and durability in any environment. Whether in the remote wilderness, at the beach, or anywhere life takes you. That anywhere life takes you I think it's key for the future. They are getting beyond that, just kind of camping, outdoor mentality. They want to be a brand for all your travel, all your leisure, everything you do. Definitely, some tailwinds in the pandemic as people are spending more time outdoors, on road trips and national parks, that sort of thing. We also had a lot of money to spend and less options to spend it on since we were locked down, so you can see how that would help them out. But I expect them to keep doing well. I expect them to go beyond their typical market as people travel more, people do things in bigger groups now. You're going to have a big barbecue, maybe you need a bigger cooler. Head in their website, get yourself something. I think they could get more into camping specifically beyond just the cooler type stuff, but I think tents, backpacks, specialized gear, there's lots of opportunity here, lots of opportunity for them. The challenge is just to keep that brand protected and to not damage that and to have it to continue to be good stuff, like really solid stuff. Good companies, solid company, I'm excited about it. I'm taking a closer look myself, despite the expensive stock price right now.

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