Apple (AAPL 0.47%) is known for its innovative product lineup, and there's no shortage of speculation about what products it might roll out next. In this segment of Backstage Pass, recorded on Oct. 6, 2021, Fool contributors Brian Withers and Demitri Kalogeropoulos answer a member's question about one very specific gadget that Apple is rumored to have in its pipeline.

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Brian Withers: We cleared the questions from the last hour, but [inaudible 04:10:18], I wanted to touch base on your question about the Apple eyeglasses because I know you've asked this in the past. I did a quick Google search. You do Apple, rumors, eyeglasses. You get those three words, you're going to get a boatload of information.

There's absolutely a ton of Apple watchers out there, people who watch the company. They look at patent filings, they look at leaks from the company, and will pull all these things together. It's pretty interesting the stuff that they got going.

They have some eyeglasses. It looks like a VR headset. There's absolutely a ton of things. I'm not sure what service that you joined because of the eyeglasses is a future thing. But tech is just going to be a more and more prevalent place in our lives.

I think we've gotten over the hump of will people carry a computer? Well yeah, they will. [laughs] In fact, people wouldn't be caught dead without their phones. Now it's coming to wearables, wrist devices. I don't see any reason why people wouldn't wear some eyeglasses.

Something on their head that they wouldn't have to hold on a regular basis to get information from a different way. I want to respond to that, know that your question was noted. I don't know Demitri, have you heard anything more about the eyeglasses other than what I was mentioning?

Demitri Kalogeropoulos: No. Unfortunately, Apple is pretty famously good at keeping those secrets on lockdown.

Brian Withers: But there's a bunch of speculation that you put different websites, they all have pictures, which is interesting. The pictures are totally different [laughs]. There's lots of people guessing, and it's really fun and interesting. Take a quick journey out there and see what's available out there.

We certainly won't necessarily report on it unless it's something that the company actually releases information about. Even in this earnings call, that's not how they announce products, so I don't expect that to happen anytime soon.