Stitch Fix (NASDAQ:SFIX) shares have drifted lower in recent months and now sit at a 52-week low. However, the stock still has the potential to deliver huge returns, especially with the recent launch of Stitch Fix Freestyle, a curated direct-shopping experience, to all new customers.

In this segment of "The 5" on Fool Live, recorded on Nov. 23, Fool contributors Jeremy Bowman and Jason Hall discuss why Stitch Fix could still be 10X from here.

Jason Hall: Let's circle back to Veehan's question. So we talked about tech Armageddon here and I think it's been a little tongue-in-cheek. It's painful but it's not quite Armageddon levels yet. But the question, "Which stocks right now on your radar that are down, taking a little bit of a beating, do you think could 10X from here?" Who wants to go first? Jeremy, you're not muted so I'm going to push you onto the stage.

Jeremy Bowman: All right, I'll throw out another one that's gotten banged up pretty hard which is Stitch Fix. I think most people are probably familiar with it by now. They do clothing in a box and they're moving to a curated website where they use your own information and algorithms to recommend you a small selection of clothes that you would like which I think is a pretty cool idea. Their next earnings report is going to be the first. They just rolled this out for every customer so the next earning report is going to be the first one to really have results from what they're calling a Stitch Fix Freestyle. The stock is down pretty sharply, I think 70% or so, it might have been more. They got squeezed back early in the year and maybe market cap is around five billion, I would say. I think it's a pretty cool company and it's a pretty cool idea with what they're doing now and they've grown steadily over their history, 20% revenue growth but the market seems to be betting that Freestyle isn't going to take off. If it doesn't, I wouldn't want to own the stock but I think if it does this could be a pretty big winner.

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