In a recent episode of "The Rank" on Fool Live, three of our contributors -- Matt Frankel, Jason Hall, and Danny Vena -- shared their highest conviction stocks for 2022. In this clip, recorded on Jan. 10, the trio discusses which of their top picks have the best chance to produce 10X returns over the next 15 years.

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Matt Frankel: One thing I wanted to ask you, guys, which of these is most likely to 10x from its current price level? I'll give you a timeframe, 15 years. In the next 15 years, which is most likely to be 10 times its current share price. Whoever wants to go first.

Jason Hall: I'll go first. I'm going to say Boston Omaha (BOC -0.13%) because it doesn't have the same risk profile of like Lemonade (LMND -27.72%), which Lemonade could fail because it's burning money and their model might not work and their underwriting could be terrible. Boston Omaha, I think they are very disciplined to cash positive business. We're starting it like, I don't know, an $800 million market cap. This is a very small business and it's at the point where they can find those deals that move the needle for them that the big companies don't even really want to bother with. Danny.

Danny Vena: I'm going to go with, it's interesting, you said that because I was thinking Lemonade probably has the potential to do that. If it does, it'll do it faster, I think than any other company.

Hall: It will be 50-bagger.

Vena: But it's so binary to me. The fact that I think it's either going to be a 10 bagger or it's going to die on the vine. That's the reason that I would not pick Lemonade. Actually, I might surprise you. I'm going to say, I think MercadoLibre (MELI -1.74%) still could be a 10-bagger from here. I think if you look at the fact the stock is only right now, it's only a $50 billion stock. Could we get to $500 billion? Absolutely. I think over the 15-year period, it has all these tailwinds. It's working the fintech, it's working the e-commerce, it's expanding into logistics. I could easily see a case where MercadoLibre is a 10x stock from today.

Hall: Matt.

Frankel: I'm going to go against you guys and Danny, you didn't surprise me nearly as much as you think you did. I knew you were going to say MercadoLibre. I can make a solid case for all of these to be 10-baggers if you include dividends in Bank of America's (BAC 0.09%) case, other than maybe Nvidia (NVDA -1.32%). Out of the other five, I would say Pinterest (PINS 0.11%) has the best chance. Pinterest after its current efforts plunge has a market cap of just over $20 billion. Pinterest could 10x and still be less than one-fourth of Facebook's [Meta] (META -0.62%) market cap. It could 10x today and be less than one-fourth the valuation of Facebook. It just boggles my mind how much its valuation has dropped. I think it has tons of untapped potential, especially in that international revenue. I think Pinterest is the most likely.

Hall: I'm going to add one thing on there. I think we might be under-appreciating augmented reality and VR for Pinterest in that kind of platform, where better would it work? You want to redecorate a room, throw on VR goggles, look around, ad placements? Come on. This could be really big.

Frankel: I could see them integrating like another one of my favorite companies talk about is Matterport (MTTR -1.85%). It's doing all the 3D stuff. I can see them integrating something like that into Pinterest for really like an immersive idea generation experience.