When it comes to investing in the cybersecurity sector, there are many options. In this video clip from "Ask Us Anything" on Motley Fool Live, recorded on May 5, Fool.com contributors Connor Allen and Nick Rossolillo explain why Crowdstrike (CRWD -0.68%) is a solid investment now and over the next decade.

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Connor Allen: I just want to point out that we're looking at some really great long-term tailwinds for this business. One, you've got cybersecurity. Two, you've got artificial intelligence. And three, you've got the cloud. So as everybody's moving toward the cloud, you need to protect your information and all your data. Crowdstrike's Falcon service does that for them, and obviously, there are competitors. I saw a question in the Slido about, what was the question? I kind of, bring that into here. 

"Do you follow any other cyber companies?" So I follow Cloudflare (NET -0.23%) a little bit, but I'm not as big of a fan of them. A little bit more highly valued, not as close to being GAAP profitable as Crowdstrike, I believe. So I'm mainly focused on this company, but I don't know like I think there's a lot of long-term tailwinds to think about when you're investing in Crowdstrike. That is a decade-long process and it's not just right now. It's like these things are going to be tailwinds for the next 10 years, which is exciting. 

Nick Rossolillo: Right, that is a big difference with the company. I remember when they IPO'd, getting really excited about the revenue growth. At the time they were more than doubling revenue year-over-year. Over 100% growth rate. And I immediately thought about a company back in the mid-2010s called Fireye, that was doing the same thing when they had their IPO. And after about two years, it kind of started to flatline, and it just kind of fizzled out. Part of it got sold off to Google [a part of Alphabet (GOOG 0.74%) (GOOGL 0.55%)] as Mandiant (MNDT). The other part got sold, the Fireye products sold.

That's a big difference with Crowdstrike here. Since their IPO in 2019, they're not doubling revenue year-over-year anymore. But like Jose, you shared on that slide, over 60% overall revenue growth. Subscription revenue in particular is growing even faster than that. This is definitely a secular growth story that this company is riding. It's not just like a, it's not going to be a quick hit and then it fizzles out type of company. And there's reasons why that is, which I will probably talk about as the morning progresses. But, this one's different. This one truly is different.