What happened

ironSource (IS), operator of a mobile app business platform, was an underdog winner on the stock exchange Wednesday. The company's shares rose by a sturdy 10%, well outpacing the S&P 500 index's 2.1% gain, on the back of the encouraging quarterly results it published in the morning.

So what

For its second quarter, ironSource earned $183 million in revenue, a solid 35% higher than the tally of the same quarter last year. Non-GAAP (adjusted) net income saw an even more dramatic rise, climbing by almost 54% to just over $61 million ($0.06 per share).

That was a very convincing bottom-line beat, as analysts tracking ironSource stock were collectively expecting exactly half that figure, at $0.03 per share. Their average revenue forecast was more or less in line with the actual figure, at just under $183.3 million.

ironSource wasn't shy to point out several operational and financial successes it notched during the quarter. It said that its Supersonic Studios publishing solution took the No. 1 position for game publisher in the world in terms of number of downloads. This was thanks to six new games that made the list of the top 10 downloaded titles, the specialty tech company said.

Now what

Both current and potential investors should be aware, however, that ironSource's immediate future might be somewhat up in the air.

Last month the company announced it had reached a $4.4 billion deal to merge with its peer Unity Software. On Tuesday, however, rival AppLovin vastly complicated this by offering a competing merger deal to Unity, under which AppLovin and Unity would be, well, unified into a single company.

Although ironSource got there first and seems to hold the more compelling position, battles like this have a way of rapidly getting more complicated and expensive. Shareholders of all three involved companies should keep an eye on developments with these battling merger proposals.