What happened

One of the more interesting biotech stocks on the scene, next-generation materials maker Amyris (AMRS), wasn't very inspiring for investors this week. The company's share price plummeted by 16% over the period, according to data compiled by S&P Global Market Intelligence, on the back of a new financing effort.

So what

Amyris had a good news/bad news Tuesday, with the market deciding that the latter outweighed the former. 

The good was that three of the specialized biotech company's products will be included in the offerings of Sephora when the big cosmetics retailer launches its U.K. website. That's slated to occur this coming Monday, Oct. 17. While having three out of the undoubtedly many Sephora products on the site isn't considerable and thus won't generate monster sales, being in that selection is indisputably a positive development for Amyris.

In its press release trumpeting the news, Amyris didn't provide any estimates for sales through the new Sephora U.K. online channel. 

Now what

It did, however, reveal that it is borrowing more money, and that was the rub. Amyris and "certain" of its subsidiaries entered into a loan and security arrangement with a company called DSM Finance. This company is an affiliate of DSM International, which is an Amyris shareholder.

Amyris is being provided a secured term loan facility of up to $75 million. This will consist of two tranches, the first of which is a $50 million one that was to have been drawn in full by the company on Tuesday. The second and final tranche is to be drawn, again in full, on or before this coming Dec. 31. Amyris can also avail itself of a third, $25 million, tranche upon agreement with its lender. The annual interest rate on the facility is 9%.