Tech stock investors have had a brutal 2022 so far. Shares have been pummeled as growth slows, interest rates rise, and earnings decline.

The earnings slump is mainly tied to the huge shift in consumer shopping behavior that caught many tech giants by surprise. But it doesn't seriously threaten the long-term growth outlook for the industry leaders.

With that in mind, let's look at two tech stocks that seem especially attractive for late 2022 and beyond. Read on for some good reasons to buy Adobe (ADBE 14.51%) and Chewy (CHWY -4.77%).

1. Adobe

As with many of its peers, Adobe's shares are trading near their 2022 lows as we approach the new year. But that pessimism seems overdone.

Sure, the digital content platform is seeing slower growth today compared with earlier phases of the pandemic. But sales in the most recent quarter ended Sept. 2 were up 13%, while revenue in the first three quarters of the year was up 12%.

The company remains a leader in the software-as-a-service niche, though. And demand for digital creative content will only rise over the long term. Adobe has a much wider platform reach today, too, thanks to its $20 billion acquisition of Figma.

Wall Street is worried that this purchase will pressure earnings in 2023. But smart investors can look beyond that challenge, along with other short-term issues like slowing economic growth. Adobe's leadership position makes it likely that it will generate market-beating returns once the current growth hangover passes and the economy rebounds. That's great news for patient investors, who today can buy the stock for 40% less than at the start of 2022.

2. Chewy

The pet supply industry is famously recession resistant, but that's not the best reason to like Chewy stock today. The leading e-commerce specialist has already taken a big hit from pandemic-related shifts back toward normal shopping habits. Beyond that, pet adoption rates that soared during the pandemic have plunged compared with a year ago.

Yet Chewy still managed 13% sales growth in the most recent quarter, on top of huge gains a year earlier. And unlike most of its peers, profitability is rising, not falling. Chewy had no trouble passing along higher costs in the form of increased prices through the first half of 2022. Even as those prices rose, its subscription auto-ship business hit a record 73% of sales.

Despite those successes, and the fact that nondiscretionary pet purchases make up over 80% of Chewy's sales, Wall Street has pushed the stock down by about 30% this year. This decline has laid the groundwork for strong gains from here.

Its business took a big hit over the past six months as expenses rose and demand slowed. But Chewy still gained market share, increased sales and earnings, and added value to its selling platform.

Assuming the company maintains that positive momentum, this growth stock will likely deliver strong returns over time even if the next few quarters bring weaker consumer spending or a recession. Chewy looks like a winner for 2022 and beyond.