If you're still looking for growth stocks to buy, congratulations on having nerves of steel. The Vanguard Growth ETF index is down about 35% below the all-time high it set last January.

There's an old saying from philanthropist and investor Shelby Davis that goes: "You make most of your money in a bear market. You just don't realize it at the time." Right now, a  market scorned for growth stocks is creating bargain opportunities that could produce big gains for patient investors.

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The investment bank analysts who are paid to follow these three stocks think they were beaten down too far in 2022. Here's why consensus estimates suggest they could climb between 39% and 46% this year.

1. Inari Medical

Inari Medical (NARI 2.22%) is a niche medical-device maker that isn't getting the attention it deserves. Shares of the stock are about 50% below the high-water mark they set in early 2021.

Analysts up and down Wall Street think this is a tremendous bargain. The consensus price target on the stock represents a 46.4% premium at the moment.

Wall Street is bullish for Inari Medical because its blood-clot removal devices are changing the standard procedure for treating common and dangerous conditions. Hospitals traditionally treat clots with powerful blood thinners, but there's a big problem with this method. Patients need to stay in the hospital for several days or weeks under close observation because blood thinners leave them susceptible to life-threatening bleeding events.

Inari's devices quickly scoop entire clots out of blood vessels so patients can safely get back on their feet without long observation periods. Cardiologists enamored with the company's devices drove third-quarter sales 32% higher year over year. Without any serious competition on the horizon, sales of its devices could keep growing at a rapid pace for many years to come.

2. UiPath

UiPath (PATH 2.27%) jumped out of the gate following the company's intial public offering in 2021. Unfortunately, shares of the robotic process-automation company peaked early and have since fallen about 82% from their all-time high.

Analysts who follow UiPath think it isn't getting nearly enough appreciation. The consensus price target suggests it could climb 41.8% once the rest of the market sees its business in the same light as investment bankers do.

UiPath offers its growing list of clients an end-to-end platform for automating repetitive online tasks that keep employees busy. Gartner, a tech management consultant, consistently awards UiPath its highest ratings.

The company's results are full of signs that suggest its enterprise customers agree. Despite a difficult macroeconomic environment for selling enterprise software, third-quarter sales grew 19% year over year.

3. InMode

Shares of InMode (INMD 6.24%) are down about 63% from the peak they reached way back in 2021. Analysts who follow the cosmetic surgery pioneer think it can start to bounce back this year. The consensus target on the stock is 39% below its recent closing price.

According to Grand View Research, the medical aesthetics market reached $99 billion in 2021, and it's expected to more than triple by 2030. With minimally invasive devices that can smooth out wrinkled skin, InMode is a great way to ride this trend.

Macroeconomic conditions are less than ideal, but that didn't stop third-quarter revenue for services and consumable goods from climbing 53% year over year. In addition to strong growth during a difficult period, InMode is already profitable, with adjusted earnings for 2022 expected to come in at around 43% of total revenue.

InMode's profitable operation is growing by leaps and bounds, but this isn't reflected in its valuation. Right now, you can pick up the stock for just 13.7 times forward-looking earnings expectations.

Among the stocks on this list, it's the only one with significant earnings. If you're going to take a chance on any of these stocks that Wall Street expects to soar, this is probably the best choice.