Tesla (TSLA 3.17%) is practically the Rorschach test of stocks. You can learn a lot about an investor by finding out what their opinion is on the electric vehicle (EV) maker. Some view Tesla as an unstoppable force. Others think it's overrated.

Whatever your take on it is, one thing is certain: Its market cap is a lot lower than it was just a year ago. While I fully expect the stock will move higher, I also anticipate that some others could deliver even greater gains. Here are three stocks that could be worth more than Tesla by 2030.

1. Nvidia

Nvidia (NVDA 2.57%) doesn't trail too far behind Tesla right now in terms of market cap. My prediction is that it's the most likely stock to zoom past the EV maker within the next seven years.

Even in the wake of a tremendous surge in recent months, Nvidia's shares remain well below their 52-week high. The main reason for the stock's decline was a slump in revenue. This should only be a temporary headwind, though. Look for Nvidia's gaming business to return to growth this year.

More importantly, the use of the company's chips in data centers is now Nvidia's biggest moneymaker. The increased adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) will almost certainly fuel massive growth in this area.

CEO Jensen Huang expressed his view in the company's latest quarterly conference call that "AI adoption is at an inflection point" similar to what happened in the past with the personal computer, the internet, and smartphones. I suspect he's right. I also think that Nvidia will be one of the biggest winners of the AI boom.

2. Meta Platforms

Throughout most of the last 10 years, Meta Platforms (META 2.67%) towered above Tesla in terms of market cap. The roles reversed beginning in late 2021. I wouldn't count out Meta mounting a comeback, though.

In the views of some investors, Meta's best days are behind it. The company's main social media platform isn't growing as it did in the past. Meta has made huge investments in virtual reality and the metaverse, and those big bets haven't paid off so far. Instead, they are weighing on the company financially.

But nearly 3 billion people across the world actively use Meta's social media apps (Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, and WhatsApp) every day. More than 3.7 billion individuals use one or more of them on a monthly basis. When the advertising market bounces back (which it will), Meta should see its revenue soar.

Meta is also a major player in AI. The company has tremendous growth prospects it could tap by further incorporating AI into its apps. In addition, Meta's roll of the dice on the metaverse just might pay off in a huge way if CEO Mark Zuckerberg's vision is fulfilled. The company would probably need to catch a few lucky breaks to eclipse Tesla, but Meta is arguably due some good luck.

3. Visa

Visa (V 0.10%) runs neck-and-neck with Meta based on market cap. But I predict that the payment-processing giant could be one of a handful of companies that will be worth more than $1 trillion by 2030.

There's a lot to be said for having a strong moat. Visa certainly has one. The company and its top rival Mastercard enjoy a highly profitable duopoly in processing credit card payments. 

Could cryptocurrencies disrupt this duopoly? The chances don't seem all that great. Visa has even fully embraced blockchain technology to make its payment processing more secure. It adopted blockchain as a core part of its B2B Connect cross-border payments service.

I do think it's possible that Tesla could grow faster than Visa throughout the rest of the decade and retain its lead. However, don't be surprised if Visa is able to steadily catch up over the next few years and ultimately edge past the EV maker.